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So how does it work?

Would you like to feel less stressed

and have that great feeling of energy and flow?

Are you on medication and would like to have its effect be greater?

Are you afflicted with an illness,

perhaps under the stress of cancer treatment?

Or are you feeling the strain of the confusing times we find ourselves in?

Do you just want to be "Tuned Up" to a higher and healthier frequency.

I am offering a way to get more energy and relaxation

and my clients are giving me amazing feedback.

Migraine has disappeared - quickly.

Clients with cancer, and MS, have found new energy

to use the therapies they have been prescribed.

Dementia patients have shown incredible reactions, such as focus and joy, and sometimes even being able to speak clearly.

Toddlers on planes have stopped crying and settled down

after hearing tuning forks.

The deep relaxation offered in my sessions helps the body heal itself.

Many people feel that this can be a great complement to medical treatment, and it is now offered at more and more hospitals .

For ailments like tension headaches and back aches,

there is often a very quick sense of well being, the symptom is lessened,

but that's when the fun starts.

In continued work we search for the origin of the problem,

and we work together towards a future with less or no pain,

because we have dealt with the cause, and not only the effect.

It couldn't be any easier for you.

All you do is lie down on a massage table, fully dressed,

and have 50 minutes where you can let go, and sleep.

This is a great modality for people who are sensitive,

since the energy will flow to where its needed,

even when the hands of the practitioner is not touching. 

In private sessions we work on your specific needs,

with Reiki and sound therapy.

I always recommend three sessions to start:

the body, the mind, and the body/mind connection.

These three should occur within a short amount of time for best results .

This package also offers a better value.

Distance REIKI is one safe version offered

You can be in another country and feel the great effect of Reiki.

Energy travels and clients testify that they have slept better than usual

and feel more balanced and ready for the new day.


In a group session , called a "Sound Bath",

you "bathe" in vibrations for well being.

This could be a lovely way to bring friends together,

perhaps an "Empowering of Women" event.

Price per attendant would be $25

May you walk in beauty


PS. I also offer Reiki for dogs.

The dogs really "dig" it!!

Ask about my exciting special: "Take a "paws"- connect with your dog."

Physical training is great, and in combination with this deep relaxation,

a state of true balance might be aquired.

Anima Sana In Corpore Sano "A sound mind in a sound body." 


Get in touch via the email address, preferred,

or text *,  and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

* due to phone scams, I will not respond unless  I receive a text,

so I know who you are. Thank you.

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