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Taking care of oneself in cold season

Dear Vibrational Beings

"Please put on the oxygen mask before you help any others."

Yes taking care of Self is needed before you can help anyone else.

A reminder came today, feeling a bit under the weather. "Go outside and play in the snow, you'll fell better" as Grandma always told me, and of course she was right, even if I had preferred sitting inside reading. Sometimes I wonder if the cold actually froze the darn germs :-) And I think it worked today That said- If I DO get one I make sure to rest, a lot, I have never believed in pushing the body especially with fever and I can't abide people who say "Oh I can do it,". I recently heard of a person who walked into a seriously ill relative and, being highly contagious, almost brought on the end of the patient... It's not about you being brave ..It's about respect and compassion.

Stay well and if you still catch a cold, take care of Your Self!!

Drink your turmeric, ginger and honey tea - slightly chilled it's really good . YUM!!

You'll be vibrating perfectly soon again.

May you walk in beauty

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